Cisco Voip Interview

Most of you have experienced that “An Interview” is always something which is hard to crack. Regardless, One has obtained technical expertise in his/her domain but exhibiting it in an interview is an Art. There are various factors contributing to a failure . One major reason

* Unable to express your niche in your Words.

I found,being a Technical Interviewer, Most of the interviewee do have technical expertise but struggles to showcase it.

Guys, None can guage your technical knowledge in 60-75 minutes. So what is it which can help you ??

Answer is .. Awareness about potential FAQs.

If you are aware and do have 80% knowledge of the above , I can guarantee you would NOT fail.

Topics covered

> CUCM (All versions)
> Unity Connection (All versions)
> Gateway Protocols (SIP,H323,MGCP)
> VGs
> Cisco Jabber
> Cisco Presence
> Cisco Emergency Responder

Feel Free to post your questions/queries .

About Me:

having industry experience for over 12+ years. Being a Technical interviewer in VoIP domain for years, I might know techy-stuff which could help you.

In my Blog , I would be focused on providing you answers to Cisco VoIP interview questions . I will be updating set of questions along with answers which are specific to Interviews.


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